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In Brazil, it's illegal to train detection dogs with real cadaver fragments. The tube absorbs perfectly the cadaver odor. Getxent tube are revolutionary. 

Joao Henrique de Oliveira Machado
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Getxent Tubes are important capital gain to train our dogs. I can also travel easily with these tubes, even internationally!

Grégory Morin
Livron-sur-Drôme, France

I like the ease of using them, ability to take them anywhere, and size. You can hide them nearly anywhere.

High Definition K9
Utah, USA

We discovered Getxent tubes during our study for covid 19 and now we use it for different applications such as narcotics, truffles, blood traces. The product is truly exceptional.

Davide Plescia
SecurityDogs, Italy


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