Terms and Conditions

The present general Terms and Conditions (T&C) apply to all services proposed by the Biodesiv (Getxent) LLC company, domiciled in Neuchâtel, Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as the “seller”). By using the services of Biodesiv, the client accepts the conditions below, without any modification and in their integrality.

1. Object


Biodesiv sells bags of 50 tubes for detection dog ready to be impregnated. The client (hereinafter referred to as the “client”) can purchase those bags through our website: shop.getxent.com.


The object of the present T&C is the purchase of bags of 50 tubes for detection dog ready to be impregnated. The acceptation of these T&C is done through the purchase of the corresponding products.


The use of the personal data is regulated by the declaration of data protection, which is an integral part of the current mandatory T&C.

2. Contrat

2.1 Client’s Order

The overview of the accessible services, provided in the online stores, is only valid as an invitation to get an offer from the seller. The client makes his choice based on the sales channels. The selected choice is displayed in the shopping cart (online store). Through the confirmation of the order and the various contractual clicks, the client confirms his mandatory acceptation for the purchase of the selected products. The client has to provide the necessary information in complete and correct manners during the purchase process.

3. Registration


For an online order, the clients can identify themselves in the online stores with their username or email address, and their password (hereinafter referred to as “access data”, and the user account hereinafter referred to as “online account”). If the clients do not have an online account, they can order as a guest.

The client’s access data are destined to a personal use and must be processed in a private manner. All the orders done through the online account are assigned to the client, as the owner of the online account and they are mandatory for the client.
3.3 Order confirmation

The client receives a confirmation of their order by email once the purchase process has been completed. This confirmation does not equal to an explicit acceptation of the offer by the seller.

3.4 Acceptation by Biodesiv (Getxent), the seller

The contract relative to the purchase of a packet of 50 tubes for detection dog ready to be impregnated will be deemed concluded only when the packet has been shipped by the seller to the client. The shipping, accessibility, the handout or the unlocking of the packet is done only after the receipt of the client’s payment by the seller, through the seller’s secure system.

4.Shipping of the bags of 50 tubes

The delivery of the bags is carried out by the shipping of the parcel through the transport companies at the postal address indicated by the client.

5. Prices

The prices for that product, accessible or displayed, are meant without VAT, unless contrary indication (where VAT is applicable).

6. Payment

6.1 Online order

The payment is made by the credit card indicated by the client during the purchase process.

7. Return and Refund

7.1 Return

No return is possible after the acceptation of the order by the seller.

7.2 Refund

Aucun remboursement n’est possible après acceptation de la commande par le Vendeur.

8. Warranty


The seller supplies its product within the framework of its entrepreneurial resources and foreseeable requirements in a careful manner and in accordance with the rules of the art, insofar as it is not unable to supply the product for reasons for which it is not responsible or not held.


The client knows the seller provides its product through the Internet by using the communication networks. There may be temporary disruptions or interruptions in the execution of the shipment of the seller’s product, in particular due to technical malfunctions, disturbances and disruptions or interruptions of communication networks and due to breakdowns of IT infrastructure or other parts of the infrastructure necessary to execute the shipment of the product. The seller therefore grants no guarantee for the permanent availability and the absence of errors for its product and its shipment.

9. Liability


Any liability of the seller towards the client and its allies and affiliates is expressly excluded for indirect damage of any kind, consequential nonmaterial damage as well as non-consequential nonmaterial damage. Consequential damages are in particular lost profits, damage to the reputation and loss of data following prior disruptions or interruptions in the availability of the seller’s product and following the failure of marketing channels, transmission errors, too late delivery of results and information on prices or incorrect products and errors in order confirmations. Any liability of the seller is excluded for the contents of third-party websites, which link to the seller’s Internet shops or to which the seller’s Internet shops redirect.

10. Liability of the client


The client is liable towards the seller in an unlimited manner for direct and proven damage caused by an intention contrary to the contract, gross negligence or willful intent.


The client has the obligation to reimburse the seller for any costs occasioned by improper or fraudulent use or by his willful loss through recklessness or negligence or unintentionally of the client’s password.

11. Intellectual Property

Online stores and all the accessible content on the online stores of the seller (hereinafter referred to as “contents”) are protected by copyright and are the exclusive and comprehensive property of the seller, if no contrary provision has been made. The online stores can contain warnings related to protection and exploitation of rights of third parties, that must be taken into account by the client. The reproduction (integral or partial), the broadcast, the transmission (electronically or by other means), the modification, the link or the use of the contents for public or commercial purposes are forbidden without a prior written authorization of the seller.12. Dispositions finales

12. Final Provisions


The seller reserves the right to modify the current T&C at any moment. The changes will be communicated on the seller’s website and enter in effect the moment they are made available online.


If some or more provisions of these T&C should be or become null and void or not applicable, in whole or in part, this will in no way affect the validity of the other provisions of these T&C or the purchase of the services. In such a case, the parties will replace the null and void or non-applicable provision with a valid and applicable provision, which will meet the economic objective pursued by the provision to be replaced as much as possible. This also applies in the event that these T&C should contain one or more legislative or regulatory omissions.


Only Swiss law is applicable to these T&C and to the possible disputes arising or linked to the relationship between the seller and the client, to the exclusion of the provisions in matter of conflicts with laws and regulation of the dispositions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).


The jurisdiction exclusively competent to hear all disputes between the seller and the client is located at the seller’s headquarters, in Switzerland. However, by exception and in case of necessity, the seller reserves the right to seize the jurisdiction of the headquarters of the client.

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